How to Detail Your Car Like a Professional

How to Detail Your Car Like a Professional | Union Park BMW | Wilmington, DEIs your car a little bit or a lot dirty? Unfortunately, our cars are one place where clutter seems to collect. However, you can change that. You can learn how to detail your car like a pro so that you don’t have to pay anyone.

To begin, get out the air compressor and vacuum. Start by blowing dust and dirt from the edges of your car and into the center of the vehicle so that you can vacuum everything up easier. You can then turn the air compressor on your vents to make sure that they are all cleared out.

Once you’ve cleaned the inside of your car, turn your hose on the exterior of your vehicle. Make sure to start at the top of your vehicle so that you don’t accidentally ruin the progress that you’ve made. After all the dust and dirt have been blown away, now it’s time for water and suds.

When choosing soap for your vehicle, be sure that it is specifically made for cars. Using the wrong type of soap can erode the protective layers over your paint and rims. Wash the exterior from top to bottom and make sure to dry completely to avoid streaks.

Now that you know the basics of detailing your car like a professional, go out there and do it!

If you need any assistance or supplies, feel free to give us a call here at Union Park BMW. We would love to help!

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