BMW vs. Mercedes


BMW vs. Mercedes: Which is Better?
Spoiler Alert: BMW wins every single time.

When talking about luxury vehicles, there are two brands that often dominate the conversation: BMW and Mercedes. As they’re both from Germany, many people are left wondering which one they should purchase.


Which brand wins in the fight between BMW vs. Mercedes? BMW every single time.


They Are Safer

 Although Mercedes does score very well in the safety category, BMW takes a slight edge with this year’s competition due to the 2 Series’ perfect safety score.



 Whether it’s in the movies, on a TV show, or in person, there is one thing about BMWs that nearly everyone agrees with–they are one of most consistently high-performing vehicles on the market. As far as small luxury cars go, there is nothing else that can touch BMW’s four models.


Better Used Options

 Although many people are interested in purchasing a new BMW, one of the biggest benefits that BMW has over Mercedes is that BMW used cars are a much better value. Whether its upscale small cars or upscale medium cars, BMW has options that hold their value extremely well.


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