Designworks and John Deere Collaboration Earns Design Awards

Designworks, a BMW Group subsidiary, has partnered with John Deere for more than 20 years, and it’s yielded fantastic results for both companies over the years. The Designworks and John Deere collaboration have earned several awards for design. In 2016, the companies won eight awards in international design competitions and were recognized for the achievements of their long-standing partnership.

In early 2016, two John Deere bulldozer models were recognized for their design excellence as well as the way its designs were incorporated into the rest of the John Deere lineup. In December of 2016, the Good Design Awards granted awards to five John Deere models, and just in January the iF Design Awards recognized the 1050K Crawler. The Good Design Awards are one of the oldest and most prestigious design competitions in the world.

Oliver Heilmer, the president of Designworks, said that “design leadership” can help answer some of the challenges we face today as manufacturers try to balance clean design and simple aesthetic value with increased digitalization. The companies partnership with John Deere has led to the “continuous sharing of knowledge and experiences, along with a constant fostering of a shared design culture,” according to Heilmer, which has led to the success of John Deere’s balanced, strength-focused designs.

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