BMW i VR Technology: Experience the BMW i Series from Your Smartphone

2016 BMW i8 - Wilmington, DE
BMW’s i VR technology will change the way we shop for cars.

BMW i is offering consumers an experience like never before thanks to its innovative 3D augmented reality system. You can use virtual reality technologies to create an interactive visualization of the BMW i3 and the BMW i8. These real-size 3D products let you explore vehicles before you buy, and they also let you change colors and trims instantly in order to see your range of options.

According to BMW, a select number of customers will now be able to visualize their future vehicle before they buy. You can open the doors or the trunk, and you can get inside of the vehicle to see what if would be like in reality. By quickly switching between trim levels, you can also clearly see the differences between various options.

“Our vehicles are emotional products and to get that emotional feeling, you really need to experience them,” commented Andrea Castronovo, BMW Group Vice President, Sales Strategy and Future Retail. “In situations where the desired product isn’t available on the spot, this visualization is the next best thing.”

The innovative system relies on high-quality virtual reality systems rarely seen by the general public. The quality of images is one of the major draws of the BMW i VR technology, allowing you to easily see what you’re getting. BMW truly is a leader in the industry, making it easier than ever to find the car that’s right for you.

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