BMW Introduces New Remote View 3D Feature on 5 Series

2016 BMW 5 Series -Wilmington, DE
2016 BMW 5 Series

BMW is widely known for the innovations and high-end luxuries present in its vehicles. From performance to entertainment to comfort, BMW vehicles are always at the cutting edge of modern technology. The company recently teased a new feature it termed as “Remote View 3D”. This which will launch in the upcoming 5 Series. The feature will supposedly give car owners the ability to monitor their vehicle from their smart phone whenever and wherever they like.

New Technology

The actual description of the Remote View 3D feature was limited, but the short press release given by the company indicated that it would allow smartphone users to see a bird’s-eye view of their vehicle and the surrounding area. The feature will likely make use of the next-generation 5 Series’ 360-degree surround-view cameras. This will allow users to see the area 360 degrees around the vehicle. The Remote View 3D feature will be able to be accessed through the brand’s BMW Connected app.

Coming Soon

It is speculated that the new 5 Series, equipped with the Remote View 3D feature, will make a public debut sometime this October. When that occurs, it’s likely more information on the new technology will be unveiled. But for now, BMW has only teased audiences with a single picture and two sentences of information.

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