BMW June Sales Top Both Mercedes-Benz and Lexus

Overall, 2016 has proven to be a solid year for the automotive industry, particularly BMW – who just beat their main luxury competitor, Mercedes-Benz, in a narrow June sales battle.

BMW was able to sell 28,855 units in June alone, while Mercedes-Benz sold 28,473, coming in a second place that was close – but still second place. Though it was Mercedes’s June record, it still wasn’t enough to top BMW.

2016 BMW Z4 - Wilmington, DE
BMW is racing ahead of its competitors thanks to another strong month of sales.

Lexus also fell behind BMW in June sales, meaning BMW topped both of their rivals. This isn’t exactly new for BMW, which also beat Mercedes-Benz and Lexus in 2014 and 2015 year totals.

Specifically, the BMW X3 SUV sales went up by 69 percent in June, while sales of the BMW 2 Series doubled, leading to the impressive BMW June sales that made BMW shine.

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