New 2017 BMW 5 Series Features: What We Already Know

The upcoming BMW 5 Series is sure to be one of the most impressive BMW models yet, if BMW’s stellar track record is any indication. And fortunately, as the time ticks closer, more and more 2017 BMW 5 Series features have been revealed.

Reportedly, the 5 Series will rest on a new platform – similar to that of the 7 Series – which combines steel, aluminum, and carbon fiber, creating a lightweight mix that should increase fuel efficiency.

2016 BMW 5 Series - Wilmington, DE
Think the 2016 BMW 5 Series looks cool? Just wait until you see the 2017 version.

Fueling the 5 Series will be the current 4.4-liter V8 engine that you can already find under the hood of older 5 Series models, but the horsepower abilities have been increased to 600 horsepower.

The model is also slated to get four-wheel drive, which will be new for the BMW 5 Series and should make the vehicle much more versatile for drivers in different areas throughout the country.

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