Details Emerge About BMW’s Z4 Successor Sports Car

Big things are in the works for BMW as the automaker prepares to finalize the development of a new sports car, which it has been working on for six years.

If you haven’t heard, BMW and Toyota have been in talks to collaborate on the development of new sports cars to replace BMW’s Z4 and Toyota’s Supra. Both successors will be based on a shared platform and built by an independent manufacturer in Austria.

Based on spy shots taken of the prototype, it appears it will be a two-door roadster with a convertible soft top. Many sources are referring to the Z4’s replacement as the BMW Z5, indicating it will be a step above the old Z4 in many ways.

BMW’s Z4 successor is anticipated to arrive as early as 2018, though only a limited number of units will be available. We at Union Park BMW can’t wait to see what the new sports car looks like once it’s revealed.

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