New BMW GoPro Upgrade Will Send Data Right to Your iPhone

New BMW GoPro Upgrade Will improve BMW technologyBMW took the popularity of the popular GoPro action camera and ran with it a couple of years ago when they designed their new cars to integrate right with GoPro, so that you could control the technology through iDrive.

And now, BMW is making GoPro compatibility even easier, in addition to increasing its functionality, by further syncing that software to the M Laptimer, which is available for iPhone. So now you can hook up a GoPro to your car, and then connect that GoPro to your phone.

This app records tons of details, including but not limited to: throttle input, speed, braking, steering angle, and fuel level – statistics vital to those interested in actual track data and merely fascinating to the average driver.

The BMW GoPro upgrade that will allow M Laptimer syncing is set to release soon, sometime this summer. To learn more about all the stunning technology that new, luxurious BMW models have to offer, visit us anytime at Union Park BMW.

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