BMW Drag Race: BMW i8 versus M4

At Union Park BMW, we love to see our spectacular vehicles put through tests. One in particular that got our attention was the Top Gear Drag Race between the BMW i8 and the BMW M4.

This race was particularly interesting as it put a high-tech plug in hybrid (BMW i8) against a super sporty coupe (BMW M4). Many people may think this is an unfair fight, as hybrids usually don’t seem to have as much ‘pick-up-and-go’ thanks to their fuel efficiency.

The numbers seem to point to the “unfairness” of the BMW drag race, as the M4 has 425 horsepower, while the i8 only has 357 hp. The i8 also only has a three-cylinder engine with one turbocharger, while the M4 has a six-cylinder engine, with two turbochargers. When considering numbers though, don’t overlook the fact that the i8 is about 200lbs lighter and may have a better launch due to its all-wheel drive.

So what did the final results prove? The i8 hybrid achieved 60mph in 4.4 seconds, two tenths of a second quicker than the M4. However, the M4 did get to 100mph two tenths of a second faster. In the quarter mile sprint, the i8 came in at 12.5 seconds and the M4 came in at 12.6 seconds.

No matter which car you value, both are excellent at acceleration and speed. It seems that BMW has conquered the impossible by making a hybrid sports car with top performance features. Watch the race below! To learn more about these great cars and others, visit us at Union Park BMW.

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