BMW Drives to Create Self-Driving Car Technology

BMW Working on Developing Self-Driving Car TechnologySelf-driving car technology has come a long way in the past few years. More and more automakers are partnering up, sharing technology, and they aren’t the only ones. Technology giants like Google and Apple are working on self-driving cars as well. BMW is increasing its drive to develop self-driving car technology more than any other automaker.

With 30,000 employees working in BMW’s research and development division, just 20% of them are software engineers. That’s not nearly enough manpower to compete with tech companies. As a result, research and development board member Klaus Froehlich has stepped forward with new plans.

“We have some catching up to do in the area of machine learning and artificial intelligence,” he said.

With a goal of increase the number of software engineers to a 50:50 ratio, he needs to hire around 15,000 more people. One major problem is that German schools aren’t turning out enough tech engineers. The only move left is to make deals with suppliers, many of whom will lie outside the automotive industry.

Just past the automaker’s 100th birthday, the clock is ticking on who will have the most intelligent car. With tech giants lurking, BMW will have to move quickly in order to stay in the game.

We here at Union Park BMW are confident that BMW will stay ahead of competitors in this fast paced world!

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