BMW M Hybrids Could Be In the Works

BMW M3 at the 2016 Chicago Auto ShowPerformance cars have the tendency to be associated with days gone by and, consequently, technology that has been largely replaced by modern innovation. The phrase “muscle car” conjures up images of naturally-aspirated engines, manual transmissions, and petroleum. But these days, turbocharged motors and automatic transmissions have become more prevalent, and BMW M hybrids are currently in the process of being designed — something that has never been previously heard of in the performance car segment.

While several auto manufacturers have introduced the idea of hybrid or electric performance cars through auto show concepts and design studies, the hybrid version of BMW’s M division is a very real possibility, as the brand is currently in the process of researching how electric power could not only reduce fuel consumption, but also improve performance. As of right now, the main concern for BMW engineers is what sort of weight restrictions and structural compromises they will have to make in order to compensate for the electric battery.

Though the idea is still in its conceptual stages, BMW M hybrids could very well make it to the production line someday, as designers at the German auto brand were less concerned about whether or not it was a possibility, but when. Even if the technology for a hybrid performance car does not yet exist, they are certain that future innovations will open doors for the still-untapped segment.

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