Go For a Ride Day is November 22: How Will You Celebrate?

Go For a Ride DayNovember 22nd is the official Go For a Ride Day. Whether you want to take the bus, a motorcycle, or our personal favorite, a car, you should get out and enjoy the roads before the hectic holidays arrive.

According to Holiday Insights, there’s little history on Go For a Ride Day. This holiday sprang up out of nowhere, but has been practiced in different capacities for the past 30-odd years. Celebrating the calm before the storm, this day is designed to give you some peace before Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The end of the year can be especially chaotic, which is why it’s great to get outside and enjoy the road. We suggest planning a road trip with the family, taking in scenery and landmarks in the area. You might also try biking or motorcycling one last time, depending on the weather.

Other popular ways to celebrate include: taking a sleigh ride, riding a horse, snowmobiling, and taking the ATV for a spin. No matter what you do, as long as you’re going for a ride you’re doing it right.

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